Manage and optimize your contracts in one platform

Trade Tech offers the following solutions to address all of your pricing needs, available as an integrated package—the Trade Rates Suite—or as a single application…


Trade Tech’s top selling product, Optimizer is the only dynamic cost modeling application available on the market today that interprets containerized shipping service contracts without having to key in every combination manually.  Optimizer allows transportation companies, importers and exporters to develop real-time models of all pricing combinations for a specific origin, destination, and commodity grouping and the rates are sorted by least cost to most cost, in an "all-in" basis.  What’s more, NVOCCs and freight forwarders that manage multiple contracts can easily access the optimal contract rate to apply to each shipment or transportation segment as well as the transit times for service-contract carriers’ various deployments.

Optimizer works well for third-party transportation providers and the return on investment for our clients often comes in the first quarter of implementation.  This application includes the following benefits:

  • All of your service contracts are located and accessible in a single location—from anywhere in the world—while negotiated rates are available to the entire sales team.
  • Your sales team can select the lowest rates among your service contracts and it instantly shows the lowest bullet and commodity rates. They will also always have access to the most current rates to help maximize your margins and quickly close new business.
  • You can compare “buy” rates by origin, destination and commodity, including FAK and GDSM.


Profiles is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application specifically developed for transportation companies.  The application provides a searchable database of rates, operations, sales-call activity and more into a single profile for each customer to ensure information is maintained and more importantly, passed from sales to operations in a seamless process.  Profiles includes advanced account management features and quick references to pricing, operations, and accounting applications and it allows you to:

  • Manage your customers’ information in a single location that is accessible by your entire sales, customer service and operations team to seamlessly promote customer satisfaction.
  • Access information—globally or regionally—to close new business quickly.
  • Keep track of trends and sales activity among your existing customers and target accounts.
  • View multiple records for a single customer with many locations.

Quick Quotes

Quick Quotes is Trade Tech’s answer to a global pricing application and it includes all of the following advantages:

  • The ability to quote rates accurately, according to trade lane, and provide them to your customers using your own logo and template.
  • A Quote Report detailing rate-quote margins and sales success rates for these quotes, overall or by date range.  This allows you to evaluate how well your sales team is performing.
  • When a customer calls to book a shipment, your customer service representatives have access to the specific rate quoted to quickly onboard the business.
  • Visibility to all non-service contract and non-ocean transportation rates that are quoted to meet expected margins and maximize profits.

Quoted rates, to and from the United States, are automatically filed according to FMC regulations so that you are always FMC compliant and will need no other tariff filing bureau.

Return on Investment (ROI)




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